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Epson Printers are the first choice for business as well as home users around the world. Yet, one becomes frustrated by the frequent occurring errors on their printer screen often. If this is the thing happening with your Epson Printer too then don't panic. Simply restarting your printer will resolve most of the errors, saving your money as well as time. But if it does not, try these troubleshooting tips and manual guide below.

We have compiled a list of Epson printer error codes and solutions to help you troubleshoot these errors manually at home or at work. And if you are still not able to resolve them, take expert advice by calling on Epson Printer Helpline Number.

List of All Error Codes

Error I-01 & Error W-05

This error indicates you are either out of paper or multiple pages have been fed. Using the page feeder, reload or load more paper in the sheet feeder and then press Start to continue.

Error W-02/ W-03

This error indicates that the paper used in your machine has become jammed and you need to carefully remove the jam before printing.

Error W-04

W-04 error indicates that the cover of your cartridge has opened and needs to be closed before you press ‘START' and resume printing.

Error W-10/W-11/W-13/ W-41

This error indicates that the ink cartridges in your machine have become empty or are incorrectly installed. If an ink cartridge is expended, you must replace the cartridge. If you just replaced a cartridge and the error code still appears, the cartridge is not installed correctly. Press Start to move the cartridges to the replacement position. Press down on all the installed cartridges, then press Start to continue. There may be chances when your printer cannot recognize the ink cartridge(s) & it flashes with error on the LCD screen. In this instance, replace the ink cartridge(s).

Error W-12

This error indicates that the ink cartridges on the LCD screen can't be recognized and need to be replaced.

Error I-11

This error generally appears when there is no memory card inserted in the printer. To remove this message, please insert a memory card and try proceeding again.

Error W-30/ W-31

Your printer will start flashing this error code if your memory card has not been installed correctly or is unsupported by the printer. Also, it may not contain compatible media files. To resolve this, remove the card and check the files or try inserting another memory card.

Error I-50

On the scanner glass, the index sheet has not been placed or positioned correctly. Check the marks on the sheet, position it correctly, and try printing again.

Error I-51/ I-52

    This error code refers to the fact that:
  • No photos are selected on the index sheet or
  • the paper type is not selected on the index sheet or
  • the corresponding ovals are not marked correctly on the index sheet.

Resolve this by checking the marks on the sheet and positioning it correctly before retrying the printer.

Error I-53

When there is an issue with the index sheet not matching the photos inserted via a memory card, error I-53 starts flashing. To resolve this, the card or sheet should be replaced before attempting to print again.

Error W-01 & Error E-10

There are parts of your Epson printer that are coming to the end of their service life and you should contact Epson directly for technical support.

Error E-02

An error has occurred with your Epson machine and you need to turn the printer off, wait a couple of minutes, then turn it back on. If this error is still displayed you should contact Epson directly.

Error E-01

If this error display on your printer, turn your Epson printer off, make sure no paper is jammed inside, and turn it back on. If this Epson error code remains, contact the printer manufacturer directly. If the error is not resolved, contact Epson for help.

These are few of the errors that you may generally face with your Epson Printer. If you are getting any other error than these or if there is a problem with your Epson printer, try turning it off, wait a few moments, and turn it back on again. If the error is not resolved, we seriously recommend you to contact Epson Printer Tech Support Number for help.

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